Saturday, September 10, 2011

9~11 A DAy to REmeMber

      "WhOA!  You look  HUGE  today !"   "Thanks babe", I  mumbled - Exactly what a preggo woman wants to hear.  "No-REALLY!!" he added.."different somehow, he is LOW".  Well, in the hubs defense, the Dr. had told me the little guy hAd seemed to drop so the ENTIRE 23 lbs. I had gained this pregnancy was evident right there in my lower belly. (The thought of this 23 lb. weight gain compared to my normal 40ish makes me giggle a bit now, but walking and drinking  GAllons of water, and a never ending list of  DO NOTs during the first pregnancy when I did EVERYthing by. the .book explains it)  The possibility of an early arrival was likely Doc had said and we were  excited- no SCRATCH that, we were OVERJOYED   at the thought of seeing our little Austin's sweet face in only a matter of days.  Today was indeed a day of excitement.
       "It's sooo tiny!!"  After saying that line 17 times and coming down off the sugar high from cake, mints, and punch which were normally not allowed, I was feeling like I needed a nap.  It was a lovely baby shower though, and I couldn't wait for the hubs to return from golfing with the guys.  I was Anxious to show all the loot we received and to get it home to the nursery which we had just finished up (  DOne completely in Pooh Bear ,btw-the shower AND the nursery theme).   I layed down a bit on the couch which usually was like a wake-up call to baby.  I closed my sleepy eyes but braced myself for the Karate kicks which was sure to come, ESpecially after the tournament he seemed to have had the night before- this strong guy had actually brought tears of pain with those big feet.   I waited....and waited..hmm.. that's wierd.   "I know all  the tricks little man..I will get a wiggle out of you".   A bit of a worrier I have always been, but just weeks before I had a dear friend tragically lose her little guy  and it had saddened and scared me so that I got frightened each time my baby boy had slept very still for too long.   My S-I-L had just had her little man 2 months before and mentioned I was going to stress myself out completely if I continued to worry so she made a quick call to the Dr.,  for it may be this baby was down and quiet and coming soon.  I kept in mind that I'm 36 weeks-it would all be okay.
         The cold Coka-cola that Doc recommended  didn't do the trick to  get him kicking so after 30 minutes, I decided I wanted to go to the pink hospital and get checked...this may be the day, I thought.  My brother was parked behind us in the drive so he just decided to drive, and off we went, without my hospital bag that was waiting, fully packed of course, in the baby's room :(

      The nurse had undoubtedly had a long day and was intent on getting her job done, which was basically  to get me in- hook me up to the fetal monitor- calm my first time momma fears- and get me out.    The  ultrasound machine  just happened to be in the room from the previous patient, so she decided that although she was not an ultrasound tech , a heartbeat could be found more quickly  with that and I would be out of her hair.   I was already regretting the 3 cups of yummy punch plus the  Coka-cola  I drank but now the jelly and pressure on my bladder..UH-OH.  I closed my eyes for a minute and tried not to think about the incredible urge to tinkle.  "UGH" I believe I even said that outloud..this was taking forever..find the heartbeat already and stop before we have a mess here lady.  As if she heard me talking to her in my head , she turned to me with a painful smile and said "I'm not a Dr., I am not so good at this". I  glanced up at the screen and saw the little head and saw her probing around and stopping right at the little heart-Surely she could see it if I did!  I stared as she stopped, I gulped, it was still, The HEART was still... she hurried out of the room saying "I will get a Dr. because I'm just not good at this".    The room was silent as I did not even turn to look at Lee, we both knew.    The Dr. on call came in and  probed around for what seemed like an hour but was closer to  a minute.  He turned to me with tears in his eyes and said "I'm sorry, He is gone".  I heard myself scream hysterically  "NOOoooooooooo and as the hubs and my brother quickly came near but the lights in my head went dark.

         I DO NOT  remember the events leading up to my own Dr. and arriving.  I recall opening my eyes and seeing the crowd of people who cared , in my room, talking-crying-whispering about me like I wasn't even there. I opened my mouth to talk and it seemed I was to drugged to say a word.    Was I  having an out of body experience?  Had I died too?  It seemed I had not but laying there, I wished I had.   I glanced down at my bulging belly and realized there was  tiny little dead person inside me who 24 hours before had been  a little being who had a daily routine I had grown to know, someone I talked to and sang to and read to and took care of for more than eight months and NOw was gone.  I simply nodded when the Dr. advised that a natural delivery was best for subsequent pregnancies but I was yelling on the inside "Isn't there a better way?"  Really, I have to go through childbirth pain for NOThing?"  No way..this could not be happening. 

          The epidural did help a bit, but the catheter had seemed to wiggle it's way out of my back somehow so sometime mid labor the pain like I had NEVER felt before kicked into full swing.  This was a rare occurence the anesethesiologist assured me and chatted me up a bit about the excitement of having my first baby.  How nice.  He hadn't even read my chart.  I stared at the wall and did not speak.  Just as the meds were kicking back in I was told I was at a 10 and the pushing began.   I am not sure where I even obtained the strength to push as there would be no reward in the end.  I kept imagining his little face.. I had seen it on ultrasounds but I had to see it.. and suddenly the strength was there and OUT he came!    Austin Bailey was born still at 8:35 p.m. on September 11, 2000. 

      There was no gasping breath nor a first cry but I could not wait to get my hands on him.  The Dr. confirmed his thoughts of a knot in the umbilcal cord that had tightened upon dropping . There had been no slack in the cord because he had it wrapped around his arm.  A freak accident. No ones fault.  The nurse took him and cleaned him just a bit and wrapped him up to meet me.  She took our first and only family picture.   I stared at his little perfect face,  blue-ish and swollen  but PERFECT... I quickly opened up his blankie to see those feet I had felt for so long and just as I thought, they WERe Huge :)  His entire body was just as I imagined..all ten  fingers and toes amazingly made by us and  by God.  I  resisted a bit when the nurse said I should relax and tried to take him.. "NO-I'm not finished- I don't want to let him go yet, please don't make me!"  She assured me that she would dress him  and return him in just a bit, and she also questioned as to whether or not I would choose to have pictures taken of him, by a photographer and I quickly refused and she dropped the subject.  I did NOT want pictures taken of my dead baby. No Way.  They had it done anyway and I am eternally grateful for those precious pics.  When he was finally brought back, smiling  through  the dripping tears, I requested to be alone with him and his Daddy and I rocked him and sang just as I had dreamed.   I was brought a meal from my favorite place, which I do not know how I recall  at all because I was physically and emotionally gone-   Exhausted.   I then gave into  taking a little rest and slept for hours, barely waking as they took my labs or gave me meds.  All.  night. long.

       The following days are a  blur.  Picking out a burial outfit, funeral home, flowers.  Having a conversation with Lee was so difficult as I could see how broken he was.  I was so caught up in my sorrow I hadn't  been able to help with his.  He described having to walk in our home-into the nursery to gather the clothes and items we had decided on and some changes of clothes for ourselves, as we would not be staying at home..not yet.. we just couldn't go home empty handed.  Beyond Difficult.

    These are a recollection of my memories of Sept.11- a terrible tragic day.  I know so many other mothers go through this and sometimes it's called miscarriage, stillbirth,  or early infant death.  I feel the pain is the  same, the sadness just seems to grow the longer you have had with your child.    I share this with joy as well as sadness though as it may help someone else feel that  they can talk about it.   My angel baby Austin would be 11  now and  I'm sure he would have brought us as much joy as his four siblings have.   He was a real little person- he existed and though it  makes some people uncomfortable for me to mention him- I CANNOT forget.   I would not have written his story with such a sad ending if I would have been the author but through the years I now see many positives that have come after he got his wings.  My hope is that this may make you smile through tears and be sensitive to the feelings of parents suffering a loss or even infertility..for their arms  ache to hold a child.  I also encourage you not to take for granted our little earthly angels that God has loaned us,  I have four on loan now and enoy each of them immensely.    Enjoy each   moment my friends~ Life is short.

*On a side note- One year later on September 11, 2011, despite the horrific tragedy in America , I was once again smiling through dripping tears, as I was cradling my 2 week old precious baby girl.

    perfect little profile :)

S-I-L and I showing our preggo bellies :)
 The nursery :)
 The baby shower-One huge momma and  niece, Kaycee.
 Perfect "big" feet :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Baby lovin'

     As we walked down the Christmas aisle in Wally world on a cold December day in 2009, Kayli turns to me with a most serious expression and says,"Mom, the ONLY thing I Really- Super want for Christmas is a baby brother or sister".  This remark seemed to have come from  out of nowhere, although I was very aware that she was ready for a baby in the house to 'practice' on.  By practice I mean, study up and have hands on experience in learning about her life's passion- being a mommy.  She looks like her Daddy but was indeed a part of me, for that was my number one life goal as well.
      My baby girl had no clue that it had been only one week before that I had been at that very Walmart for a Clear Blue Easy test- the positive results was sure to make this wish of hers come true :)  "Santa isn't able to bring  Real Live babies" I explained to my 8 year old, " why don't ask him for one of those real baby dolls that cry and tinkle"  Rolling her eyes, she replies, "MOM, I know, duh, but I am old enough to know how it works"    GULP!  (ScArY mommy moment~was the Santa part or the where babies come from- the part she understood)    "I Know that Santa and you and dad get us stuff and since You have the babies, you can ask God for one"  WHEW..awkward chat avoided for now!  "Yes, baby, we will have to let God be in charge of that one."
         A week or two later, Daddy couldn't hold his excitement in and spilled the news to the kiddos and there was nothing but  screams of joy and  excitement for all...They were all in agreement for just a few minutes of how wonderful this adventure was going to be!  Then the name suggestions as well as the arguements began.   LUCAS was Dawson's choice (NO IDEA) and Kayli was sure she was going to get a baby sister to dress up and share with her of love shoes, so she was in agreement with me that Isabella would be perfect, and Wyatt liked Isabella (or Bella Button) as he referred  to her :)  
       This mommy was so super- duper sick ,I knew this was going to be a healthy, strong boy  from the beginning and soon the ultrasound vividly proved me right and Carter was his name-o!    Carter Louis, after my dad, Nathan Louis and his dad, Melvin Louis both great men born in the month of August,just as Carter would be.      

It's a baby!

It's  a BOY!

        On August 18th, two days before Kayli's birthday she received  a special gift, a sweet baby brother after   a  long afternoon in labor.. and the few scary moments all turned wonderful when we heard the tiny cries of a new little precious!  He seems to be growing EVEN faster the others and bigger too!  Quite a chunky monkey this guy is!   With lots of help in the house this has been a wonderful experience for us and we love  our Carter Bubz more each day.. almost a year old~ unbelieveable!    Although my baby-makin' days may be about over and this guy may indeed be the baby of the family, I have taken  advice from  Mr.  Justin Beiber and I will "NEVER SAY NEVER!"

No make-up and dressed like an Orca , just a week before he arrived.
My favorite OB in the world, Dr. Splane!
I have experienced LOVE at first sight only a few times, this is the most recent!
His birth announcement

He wasn't born in a barn, but sleeps near one!
Our little Buddy the Elf
Learning to crawl
My handsome boys:)
Momma gettin some baby lovin'!
            Looks like he realizes it's bedtime, heehee~ our favorite place,  rocking in his room!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Endless Summer nights

        Seriously??  The 4th  of July has come and gone and school starts in a month?  I truly heart the season of FALL but I am NOT ready for our Summer fun to be over yet-We haven't fit in all the fun plans!!!
        I suddenly realized this precious time is flyin' faster  than it seemed to when I was a child, I mean REALLY didn't the  days and nights seem endless, Of course, school always seemed to start too soon, but  that first exciting day back  when you had to write "What I did on my Summer Vacation" was chalked  full of fun stories for me!  Too many to fit on my little sheet of notebook paper sometimes.  Although , the Hubs does remind me that I had a "PEACHY" childhood and that I was a bit spoiled-which may be slightly true.  As an adult and mommy, I definately realize I did take for granted the luxury of having a Huge yard for all the friends on my street to play ball in and a private in-ground pool for early morning noon and night swims  in my own back yard.  A summer (country) concert happened often and ALWAYS a big vacation trip.
     I thought I should reflect a bit and recall my top memories of Summertime over my life and make sure I instill some of those same goodtimes in my babies' lives because life is short and uncertain and as my grandma said "will be over before you say scat"....making memories is important! ( getting them blogged or scrapbooked  is imperative! )

    Soo...  COOL water fun, the HOT Sun, COOL summer trips, HOT dates, walks on the beach, sleeping in late,  backyard BBQ's, sleepovers, family reunions, camps & campouts, walks on the beach (yea-I know I said it twice :) the Kiddie park,the smell of watermelon,  homemade ice cream......just a few  favorite things I think of when I remember my Summers.

I have ALWAYS been a big fan of sleepin' in late and wearing jammie's most of the day :)
 My first trip to Hollywood, eating Ice Cream on the Walk of Fame with my cousin..good times!
 The first trip I recall to my favorite place in the world, the beach!  Getting ready to Boogie Board.
                                       A HOT date...(one of the hubs & I's first dates)...look how YOUNG we looked!
                                                  The beach in Galveston  in 2000:)
                                                Our pool at the house where I grew up!
                                 Florida, a trip I took alone, during a tough time in my life before kiddos came                                along...lots of reading and  relaxing on the   beach ...ahhhhh:)))
                Kayli's first experience at the Ocean, I remember her puking sand that night :p
A highlight for us every Summer- our hometown 4th of July parade !

Baby, if you are reading this I could sure use a hot date or a walk on the beach right now ;)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Me and Jenny was like peas and carrots

             "Momma, tell us a story 'bout when you was a little girl-please!"  This is the plea that I often hear when the other excuses are exhausted...anything to keep from going to sleep, ya know.  I just so happened to be feeling a bit nostalgic anyway, so I gave in.  "What is it you are wanting to hear about tonight guys?" I said as I plopped down between Dawson and Wyatt on their bed.   "Tell us about when you and Uncle Brad were at Grandmas and you dropped that banana!"    Ahh...the old favorite, "We have heard that one lots of times, hmm.... have I ever told you the story about me and best friend?" 
         Dawson just  assumed I meant Daddy, and YES daddy is my very BEST FRIEND :)            "I know, it's LISA!!"  Wyatt piped up.  Also Correct~ Lisa is my best good friend, (BGF), so named as not to take away from the hubs' title.   They know I "talk " to Lisa nearly everyday on the 'Puter and/or on the phone with texting- as we have shared an amazing friendship for nearly 30 years , my true soul sister, and I thank God for her!  Speaking of God,  I have recently realized how he has always put special friends in my life,and placed them close  just when I need them.   They may fade in and out of my life quickly, but I am CONVINCED they each were placed in my path for a reason,and I am so excited to be able to stay in touch with many of them today.  Which brings me to Jenny Jo.
          Jenny and her family moved in across the street when I was 12.  I  had some good friends who lived Cadiwompus across the street the the other way, who to this day are like my sisters, and we befriended the new girl.  She was outgoing, adorable and fun, and it was always a good time with with Jenny.  Soon Jenny and I discovered we shared a love, or maybe more of an Obsession with the group, New Kids On The Block, or NKOTB :)  It's a bit ironic that as I type  one of their songs just came on the 80's and 90's music station I'm listening to... takes me back to her house, downstairs, after school, a snack, (& her sweet little sis) and a VHS tape of the New Kids  appearing as guests on some T.V show ( we knew and recorded every appearance they made) or watched their music videos as we tried to learn the dance moves, so we would have them memorized when we joined them on the road as roadies, and later on in life after we were both Mrs. Joey McIntyre.  (no clue how that was gonna work)
          Most all of our spare time was spent scheming for ways to meet them, see them, collecting all types of memorabilia and taping that to our walls, to our mothers dismay.  It was a great time and we were convinced we WERE their biggest fans.  We somehow convinced her parents to take us on a road trip to OKC and see them live, and my dad to take us to KC and see them as well.  We schemed and planned even when her sassiness had gotten her grounded ,yet again, which meant no going places, playing outside, or telephone..ugh-torture.  Good thing for our lil' brother and sis  to help us communicate by sending notes -No fancy cell phone texting back in the late 80's!!  Once we even tried to come up with a communciation system by flashing our bedroom lights to each other, which  did not work by the way, and that  is the story I told my boys about on this night.  They were entertained immensely at mom's silly antics and started in asking  all about Jenny and me.  
          Joe,   Jenny's dad was a Methodist Minister and so being a typical PK she had moved several times, but I  explained to the teary eyed boys how I was not prepared for her move, after just a couple of short years together!  " My best friend might be moving away too mom, so I understand".  I had shared with Dawson the fact that his best friend from Kindergarten may be moving away and so he was sweetly trying to sympathize.  I even told them about the day I stood in the street bawling my eyes out, waving goodbye to her as she pulled out of her drive for the very last time and moved to Canada.  It was hard enough to see her go, but moving to an entirely different country,eh?   I continued with details of her beautiful and artistic mom, her pretty little sister, and her sweet and silly daddy.  They couldn't wait for me to show them picures  and let them "talk" to Jenny  on facebook.  They couldn't imagine that I haven't seen her in person for ten whole years-ever since the night she showed up randomly at the house I grew up in, on her road trip.  I was coincidently at my parents house when the doorbell rang and my mom's dinner guest had come out back by the pool where I was sitting to tell me I had a visitor.  I was puzzled and waddled inside only to go face to face with my Jenny- the screaming and jumping we did nearly brought my Kayli early, for I was 6 months pregnant!!  There  had been cards and letters and visits- but  not in more than 5 years.   Too long to go without face time with your BFF- BEST FRIENDS FOREVER- she was the first person who I had ever used that label on, and although we both realize that in our lives we had to make other besties , much to do with the distance between us physically- she will always be my BFF :)

I will leave you with an ancient Chinese Proverb~ Never use a hatchet to remove a fly from your best friends forehead.                 ( I have no idea,lol, but it makes me smile)

                           The sweet family  that moved in across the street :)

Jenny's house!

 I refrained from posting some pics that would date us for sure, the styles were hideous- but had to add this one-
Jenny, me, my little brother, and her little sis (pretty sure this was immediately after we finished getting our hair permantly straightened)
 Okay, this one dates us a bit, the acid washed  guess jeans and shirt, the big fluffy hair-I chose it because she is probably the most amazing photographer I know!
We met in Texas for a quick visit in High School- here she is clicking again and looking beautiful even while acting goofy-  go check out her blog to see a pic of her, all grown up and her gorgeous photography and if you are ever in the province of Alberta, look her up :)
LaDiDaLane Photography

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Baby I'm the lucky one!

          "Hey guys- we need to stop at the pirate store when we get to Tulsa,okay?"   I glanced over at Daddy and he had the same confused look I had.  "What do you mean WyWy?"  "YOU know, the place with all the pirate stuff so I can get an eye patch!" It was a thought from out of nowhere it seemed but,  I quickly realized  he meant the Party Supply store, but I was still trying to understand this need for an pirate eyepatch.   I looked back at him with my usual confused expression, and he dramatically pointed to his swollen, red, still closed tightly eye..."OH yea" nodding and attempting to muffle my giggle.  Daddy looks over and  I whisper a quick explanation.  Wyatt piped up from his spot in the van, as he heard me remind his dad  about the incident.  (Funny how they CANNOT hear you scream for them from down the hall, but the barely audible words that are exchanged between mommy and daddy are heard  perfectly every time???)
            We were all loading up for an afternoon  in T-town for a nice Anniversary dinner and the Driller's game that we were sent tickets  for, as an additional prize for Dawson's Storyboard contest win.  He, along with the other winners were to be recognized ON THE FIELD before the game-big deal for a little guy for sure!   The new stadium was a place we had been wanting to take the kids to see, but hadn't made it yet, so tonight was a great day to take them out to the ball game!  The excitement had been building all morning and I could only guess  because it was a sunny day, Wyatt disappeared as we were loading up.  Grabbing his visor and sun glasses, I was sure, until I heard a blood curdling scream from the back of the exaggeration, daddy was even startled and we scooted down the hall as fast as we could to find an hysterical Wyatt blubbering about Daddy's 'smelly good stuff'.  We knew immediately he had sprayed some cologne in his eye-poor baby and so now after the rinsing and drops, he was still hurting and felt an eye patch would do the trick...heehee, I LOVE being this kid's mom!
        Dad started the discussion of where to eat and before long, full vision was recovered.  We all stuffed our hungry bellies and we were off to buy some peanuts and Cracker Jacks, seriously a guy was yelling that he had 'PEANUTS and CRACKER JACKS' for sale :)    It was quite warm  but we were assured that our seats would soon be shaded...and it was, but speaking of seats, I believe we were the only lucky ones to have seats that two sets of tickets were printed and sold for..uh- oh, not good on a busy night, but after about 30 mins.. the other family who were to sit in row P, 11-15, were moved.  I had mentioned I would be glad to move us as we were perfectly  in line to catch fouls and silly me , I had forgotten my glove.  
       It truly was a beautiful night, enjoying the game, a slight breeze, the Tulsa night skyline, and Of course, some Dippin' Dots :)  It was getting slightly more difficult to relax  though as balls came  flying down towards us several times,  and right in front of me, a man bruised his hand severely by catching one.  The lucky ones we were though, another one came in a bit and three rows in front of us  an elderly woman got smacked- it was so scary and she left in an ambulance:(   
         The crowd was very controlled, and so the atmosphere, besides the whole flying fouls, was nice until bonk, Kayli gets hit in the head with a flying, empty-thank goodness, water bottle-lucky her!  She was fine and quickly distracted as the camera for the big screen caught Daddy and Wyatt waving and their  big blue eyes shining- Wyatt thought that was awesome and he felt lucky  too!   Carter had been enjoying the game and sips of Sierra Mist, but had just about had enough of the ball game stuff.. he was quite taken with Hornesby the Mascot and the visit from our old friend Blaze the Braggin' Blue Dragon- didn't take his  off of them the entire time they were in his sight.  C-man also surprisingly enjoyed his first Fireworks on Firework Friday.   The whistles that daddy had made throughout the game had Carter turning his lip down into a boohoo of a cry(because he is 'Lergic to noise, Wyatt assumed) but the  loud burst of fire seemed to amuse him.  Wyatt, however,  has never been a fan of the loudness with ear issues, so we decided we had better leave a bit before the grand finale, besides, it being our LUCKY night and all , we may have gotten hit with a firework that had gone astray if we had stayed :)
           Dawson left saying..BEST..NIGHT ..EVER..I love hearing that my kids enjoyed themselves!   The luck + God's hand saved us from major  problems that could have resulted from a huge tire that had rolled into the highway traffic on the late night drive home...whew!
          The title of this post, a song by Amy Grant was definately my song of the day yesterday!
Dawson lining up on the field before the game :)

                                    Hornesby and the boys- notice Carter's stare:>
                                         The beautiful firworks and the T-town night Sky!
                                                             Frozen by the Fireworks.
"Sissy it's too loud!"

I awoke with the feeling of being Lucky I was in love with my best friend and married to him for over a decade and feeling lucky  to be the momma of these babies having a blast on our fun, family day- so indeed, "Baby, I'm the Lucky One!"

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Coffee filters, Cookies, and Cascade

        Over and over I  repeat these three items in my head, Coffee filters, cookies, and Cascade..these are items ( in order of importance, mind you) that are to be added to my grocery list on the fridge as soon I hit the kitchen-my forgetter works quite well, thus the repeating.  I am in the middle of sorting my box of  5 thousand "single socks searching for sole mates"  and I'm proudly multi tasking, making the Walmart list in my head :)  I walk into the kitchen to finally jot down my items, pull lunch out of the oven, Pigs-in-a-blanket (Oh yea-I'm a health nut) and set out the chips and dip,and  pour the apple juice as I get bombarded with, "Mom, what's a barfunkle?'.."MOM, If I promise to try and remember to feed it can I have a "Giddy' pig?"..and "What part of the dead pig are we eating here,mom?"    I answer them all with a quick, "I have NO IDEA! "  I smile  and giggled on the inside, for this is a typical (never a dull moment) lunchtime on a Summer day at our house.
         I have admitted before that I tend to ramble so I will warn you now, the rambling is about to start but I do have a point I intend to eventually get to!     SO, I send the kiddos back out to play outside where daddy is mowing and I put in yet another load of laundry.   Work, work, work today, because tomorrow is a family fun day..Hooray!   I stopped and added "call about swimming lessons" to my never ending TO DO List, I uploaded recent pics to my computer ( and didn't even say a word to Dawson about his 95,yes 95 pictures in his little afternoon photo session- 17 pics of Wyatt eating string cheese, 23 of himself and a some other random shots including a few photos of photos in the yearbook) I chose NOT to sweat the small stuff and laughed it off........ since I am being honest and giving you a full view of a typical day, I logged on Facebook for a few :/   These
 little details are  important to my story to help explain  a bit how simple  our  everyday activities- normally NOTHING to brag or BLOG about, but  this is life...this is what is happening from one event,vacation or holiday to another, so this is relevent.   I LOVE it, my simple life that is,( well, not the whole sorting socks and laundry thing) but you know what I'm sayin' and I want to remember all of these little moments of  what life was like with my little people , I want to soak it all in, get it in pictures and videos and blogs- I want to REMEMBER-not only for when this momma birds nest is empty but because at any given moment it could be gone!  This has been on my mind for over a week now since the Joplin disaster actually affected people I know and love-but yesterday it stirred me enough to write this.
             I was sorting through my huge boxes of  pictures and scrapbook items  recently and  I got very nostalgic- it triggered me to find some  of these people I had forgotten about- my favorite social networks have allowed me to find many :)   I found old  pics and letters and notes and ONE drawing.  It was a fancy car of some sort, very good artistic qualities, not just a doodle paper, and it was TO: me and FROM:  a student at the first school where I worked when I was quite young.  The artist was nearly thirteen, a sweet, kind of quiet kid.  He had taken notice of the fact that  a very unhappy stage of my life had passed and now  my main focus was on me again- ( basically I had lossed angry, stress weight and was taking care of myself and he noticed)  his hormones raging I suppose, he quietly said one day,"I didn't used to think you were pretty, but I do NOW" (nothing like a kids honesty) and he went on to say  "In about 5 years I will be 18 and if you are not married, I will marry you!"  I replied, "I tell you what, you come and find me buddy !"  He gave me this picture of a car he had drawn"to remember me" he was all very sweet and that was the end of that.
          Just a couple years ago I was back in town and went through a drive thru of a great little hamburger place I love and looked inside as I waited and there was this little boy, all grown up into a handsome young man, "I should go in and say hello" I thought..but I didn't.  I was in a hurry.  Yesterday, along with a few other people on my list, I did a  fb search for him, then a google....  to make a long story not any longer, I found him, an obituary.....he had been gone a year now, a terrible tragedy that made the news about a year ago.  I read the online comments on his obituary from his mom, his dad, his sister, his brother...I could FEEL the ache the mom spoke of, and when she went on to say how she missed her little boy so and as I thought of my own babies my faced streamed with tears...she mentioned that he had felt troubled and unloved but his memorial service proved otherwise.
          My head has been a mess since this finding, I had to get it out and  sorted.   This blog stuff has turned out to be quite therapeutic.   Yesterday, a tough day to several friends of mine attended a funeral of a dear friend who died too young as well, sadly it seems to be such a good reminder to  make time for the people that matter, show them u care, make each breath count , record the memories of the special times and the everyday life... I 'm sure that momma wishes she could REMEMBER more of the little moments of her little boy getting ready for school,  laughing with his siblings, the dinner time conversations..she has no more chances, but you do,so go on enjoy your ordinary days for these are the days of your life :)
                                           One of  Dawson's photos of!
                                               Proof of my (nearly)  5 thousand single socks :(
                                                A great little reminder  I keep in my living room.
                                  My sweet little boy..... Pic number 89,  a face I want to remember:)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fun at the Capitol O

      Oklahoma City that is!  Last week we went to the State Capitol Building in the city to take our Dawson to receive his award for the "Be Smart, Don't Start" (smoking) Storyboard contest.  There were   only 18  children who received awards from both Western and Eastern Oklahoma, so it felt like a pretty big deal to Mr. Dawson :)  He was asked to take a picture with our area representive, Steve Martin and Senator, John Ford,not to mention, BLAZE the Braggin' Blue Dragon (mascot for Blue Cross Blue Shield).  Each child was recognized as their storyboards were displayed, and given a medal as well.  The winners also were given a goody bag with items that included a T-shirt and a $25 dollar visa gift card!  I think he felt like the star of the day and we were all happy for him and proud.
        The other kiddos and mom and dad enjoyed the day as well.  We met up with another State Senator, Rick Brinkley.  He is a friend who has been there for Lee since he was young and helped us begin our lives together by marrying us, conducting funerals for our loved ones, and was there for baby dedications.  He is a busy, busy man who has many jobs and wears many hats, but has the ability to make you feel as if you're his one and only priority and that you are important.  On this particular day, he put a meeting on hold so to take my babies on a bit of a tour of the beautiful building- it was very educational and enjoyable to my oldest Kayli, Dawson was still on a high from the BIG day he had, Wyatt  thought Rick was the coolest guy ever, who saved his day by having Oreos in his office:)  Carter was taken with him as well, I think he felt the "Peepaw" vibe he had about him!  
        The trip to OKC was actually a mini vacation, for we shopped and ate good food and went some places, met up with friends and the biggest deal of all-stayed in a hotel with indoor pool!  Indoor pool=fun  for my kiddos, and it did give our Carter the opportunity to swim for the first time!  He is a fishy like the others-he loved it!
        It turned out to be a fabulously fun little trip and by writing this on my blog now, I can print it off as I do my other posts so  hopefully my kids will remember it always!
Oklahoma State Seal

                                     View of the beautiful dome at the top of the Capitol building.
Waiting for the awards ceremony to start, in the Governor's Blue room.

                         Dawson pointing out his winning storyboard to Representative, Steve Martin.
                                                           Meeting Senator, John Ford.
                                                  Dawson  with Senator,  Rick Brinkley.
                                           Rick showing the us his desk in the Senate Chamber.
                                               In the Senator's Lounge, checking out the art.
                                                A great couple of guys, in my opinion!
                                                 We went some places, Bricktown.
                                                         Met up with some friends:)
                                            And of COURSE, there was the SWIMMING!